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supreme court. however, if you are a young black person and you go to work for the naacp legal defense fund and they assign you under your obligations as an attorney, in keeping with your oath of office, they assign you to appeal a case of someone who committed a heinous murder and you do that and you sign your name on the appeal -- not that you're defending this person, you've never done that, but they've asked you to sign on an appeal and you do that. and you're asked to do that. if you're a young black person, you work for the naacp legal defense fund and you're asked to sign an appeal for someone convicted of murder. what the message said today is don't do it. don't do it. because you know what? if you do that, in keeping with your legal obligations and your profession, you will be denied by the u.s. senate from being attorney in the u.s. department of justice. i guess what i'm saying is we sent a message we have a double standard, a terrible double standard. the chief justice of the supreme court defended a mass murderer in nor florida, committed eight murders -- mass murderer in
had to enhance the defense of the military facilities because they are constantly receiving threats and we were aware of the armed nationalist moving in. russia was well-trained, well-equipped 16,000 or more troops. and vladimer putin was worried about enhancing the defense of the military facilities because they were constantly receiving threats. there is something i would like to stress he says, it isn't within my authority and we don't intend to interfere, but we believe all citizens of ukraine should be given the same equal right to participate in the life of their country and determining their future. we are seeing justification for intervention and serious intervention in eastern ukraine. he takes a shot at the united states saying our partners in the united states formulate their own political interest and using the principle you are with us or against us, they draw the whole world in, and those that cannot join in get beaten until they do. he says our approach is different. we always act legitimately. i am not making this up. this is what vladimer putin said: i have been an
unity force control on the ground. the ukrainian defense chief, according to afp, has said that russia has sent at least 6000 troops to crimea. that is the headline coming out of the af he this morning. about 41 minutes ago. there is a picture of some of the unidentified armed men in front of the crimean parliament. let's go to mark, waiting in massachusetts on our line for independence. -- line for independents. caller: i think russia definitely has a right to protect their interests. they have bases down there. i know the ukrainian government is set up. is there any real military force ? if some he wants to come in and -- do harmia people in the upheaval. it, maybes down to crimea will secede and become their own country. russia today reporting in an interview with the russian dispense -- defense minister that russia has 150,000 troops and 90 aircraft, 800 80 tanks and 1200 pieces of military hardware involved in drills on the ukrainian border right now. that doesn't concern you? host: i didn't know that they had that much stockpile. the do have their whole fleet. strength already hu
what ukraine does on defense budget and is about 60 times the size of the military. the u.s. is definitely trying to solve this diplomatically. they're trying to put diplomatic pressure on the ukraine but senior officials say they do not have the military tool in the tool kit that they want to use now. what they're trying to do is deescalate tensions on this peninsula, but as far as anything anyone can tell, the russians are not listening to the u.s. as well. and the ukrainians have not responded yet. >> we are hearing that a ukrai ukrainian ves sell in sevastopol has been surrounded by russian vessels and cannot leave the port. these are pictures right now of that vessel. >> as far as we can tell, it is not surrounded, it's what the russian navy has done is move into the port and block anyone from necessarily being able to come out. and so what that means is that the ukrainian ship is basically stuck. again, they don't have the capacity or, more to the point, the orders from their government, to try anything against this much, much larger, much more robust, much better tr
in over the black sea overnight according to the ukraine's defense ministry. john kerry is going to be in ukraine tomorrow. >> what about nato? >> nato ministers were meeting for two days and it was clear there were no military plans for the ukraine and russia's actions there. the north atlantic council, the political arm of nature -- nato -- met yesterday, but after speaking to the russian president, they were told the russian leader is quote not in touch with reality. there are about 6,000 troops inside ukraine. they defended the action at the opening of the human rights meeting in geneva. >> this is a question of defending our citizens and ensuring human rights >> he is trying to calm things and letting them know they have no plans of threatening them. >> how did we get here? things unravelled on february 20th when dozens of protesters were killed in kiev marking the bloodiest day in since the cold war. the president was kicked out and then he was granted asylum in ush russia and day later russian troops come in. and then russia is granted permission to deploy and they put of
into crimea, south ukraine. they are local self-defense forces, putin said. some of the troops fired warning shots today near ukrainian forces. president obama said that russia is not fooling anyone, and he does not respect ukrainian democracy. >> and mr. putin can throw a lot of words out there, but the facts on the ground indicate that right now, he is not abiding by that principle. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry was on the square in kiev where hundreds died in demonstrations trying to take down the pro russian prest. kerry denied that ukraine is plagued by the terror that russia says. >> rush ha is working hard to create a pretext for being able to advance further. >> the u.s. plan is to pressure putin not to. >> can we affect the outcome here? >> the former ambassador said that economic sanctions could stop putin. >> he is sensitive to that and he should be, because it could have a real effect on the economy. >> reporter: and in the congress are ready to freeze the assets of russia if there is no pull out of crimea, but putin said that any losses are mutual, because he said that r
to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mccain charge thad obama defense secretary chuck hagel did not know putin would send troops to crimea. >> the fact is, mr. secretary, it was not predicted by our intelligence and that's already been well known, which is another massive failure. >> this wasn't sudden or new, that we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: house republicans say they'll support economic sanctions if that's what the president wants. >> to give the administration the necessary tools it needs to tell mr. putin to stand down. >> reporter: but the obama plan is still a work in progress. >> so far beyond notifying congress that he wants humanitarian aid for ukraine, the president has merely put the extra warplanes on the russian border to signal american anger over ukraine. i'm steve handelsman, "news 4." >>> president obama is on the road pushing his message on the federal minimum wage. he wants it raised to $10.10 an hour. before his speech the president stopped for lunch and spoke with employees at a sandwich shop. then at central connecticut state university h
. >> reporter: he and three partners have launched virginia's self-defense law. the difference with this firm is that they charge a low monthly retainer of $8.33. >> people are retaining a lawyer. they have a lawyer. this is not an insurance plan. that's an important distinction. >> reporter: he says he would have defended george zimmerman who shot and killed trayvon martin had it happened in virginia and if he'd already been signed up with the firm. >> he'd have already had to have retained us. if something happens and you want to retain us, you're in the ordinary pay scale. >> reporter: cuccinelli says virginia gun owners who are allowed to open carry are often harassed and charged when they shouldn't be. the firm will not defend those who use their guns to commit crimes, nor will they defend those who use guns in domestic violence situations. >> we will not defend charges within a household. >> reporter: you won't? >> no. and it's written in the retainer. >> reporter: the firm has no cap on legal fees, but clients may have to post their own bond and pay for expert witnesses, if needed.
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that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinityty. everything now have a new role. >> immigrations and customs enforcement is now part of the museum. the clock shows how this comes with a purpose. >> you are getting a first look at the immigration and custom enforcement new exhibit of the crime museum. our town has a lot of anachronisms, so what do they do? >> we combat transnational criminal organizations that bring everything from drugs, pornography to international property rights pieces. >> hoping that they will mentally put themselves in uniform. >> we want to inspire your. about what they do, they will do to get involved and fight a little crime. >> we started doing social media outreach about a year ago. helped catch a handful of the worst child predators. >> this is a really -- we need an app for this. and away to reach out to the public directly. >> they even released their own app. >> when we first rolled it out, we were number three. >> the culture now through december of the crime museum. tommy mick l
and sign the nuclear defense treaty, which he gave away the first days in office in order to reset relation with russia, and the united states is number two. everyone knows how frightened for 30 years since ronald reagan they are of a nuclear defense shield. he should have reinstated the nuclear defense shield and would have pushed putin back 20 yards. then they should have thrown him out of to the g . we shouldn't debate-are we going? >> maybe they're hoping -- try to give them the benefit of the doubt. marry maybe they're hoping -- the russian market drop. the ruble collapsed and many given his own bellicose talk he is hurting himself and at it going to fall on his actions. so let him implode on his own. >> maybe. maybe. possibly. could be. you're in charge. he just invaded a country that we have an obligation to protect, a country we want to bring over to the west. we don't wait for maybe, maybe, possibly could happen. that's not a leader. we act swiftly, we act decisively and we change the equation here with this man. instead of him pushing us around we push him around. that's the only
. the defense attorneys suggest it was corporal punishment and the discipline was appropriate. >>> coming up next an altercation breaks out between a police officer and the man who was video taming -- videotaping him making the arrest. >> we are cold and clear now. we had about an inch and a half of notice on the weather terrace. high temperature 38 at national, low was 30, averages now 50 and 33, record high 74, record low 12. we will come back, look ahead to the weekend and to our next st >>> can you and i as regular citizens whip out our cell phones and video the cops making arrests? even the courts say yes as long as we're not violating any laws and that is why this confrontation is under investigation. take a listen. >> i haven't done anything wrong. >> leave! >> i have done nothing. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, sir. there is no reason for you to be here. >> you don't. you just lost it. >> we are concerned about what we saw in the video and the department will be taking a thorough look at that video. >> you just lost your freedom of speech apparently. that man was recording last sunday as balt
were affected. defense attorneys suggest it is all corporal punishment and appropriate discipline. >>> on capitol hill congressman frank wolf pushing a crackdown on child sex traffickers. wolf says the obama administration needs to do more following reports of young victims at the super bowl at the home of a d.c. cop and in hotels across northern virginia. stephanie vu told a congressional subcommittee she was forced into prostitution at age 13. >> that moment changed my life forever. there were three men that night and at the end of it i couldn't stop vomiting. so began endless nights of selling my body. i descended into depression. i drank and took drugs to fill the pain. i made the money my trafficker demanded and learned to live with his constant abuse and the abuse of buyers. >> congressman wolf says every fbi office in the country ought to have a task force fighting child sex trafficking. >>> a clerk with the prince william county circuit court filed paperwork to appeal the ruling that make's virginia's ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional. the u.s. district judge wrigh
defense, tells us tonight competent and compassionate. he blames the firefighter you are about to meet and listen to with a widespread cultural fear, starting at the very top of the fire department as to what really is to blame. report, the city points a critical finger at five d.c. firefighters who never responded to cries for help. >> he's not breathing. >> i have a person. he 75. >> not breathing, not conscious. multiple sources say that firefighter number one, a key figure in the report, is garrett murphy. younges with his wife and child in south-central pennsylvania, in the shadow of the three mile island nuclear power plant. he commutes two hours to washington. the door andck on quick conversation on the phone, murphy declined to comment. neighbors hesitant to speak publicly told off were deeply tall rolled -- deeply troubled by the tragedy of. but robert alvarado is speaking up. >> outstanding employee, great kid to be around. >> alvarado believes what happened at engine 26 says more about a department in disarray than the inaction of a few firefighters. people that are the brav
defense. i know buck -- you got get in the way of that buffalo. that was an easy score right there. tight game, they were rolling today, chris a nice drive. bucknell upstairs american 56- 51. >>> big stuff coming up. later tonight we've got spring training and spring football at maryland starting up today. >> that's right? >> yes. >> it's been a long time and they are having a good season, heck of a year. >> you're going to be busy for the next -- >> goodness, yes. >>> we have this winter storm on the way, winter storm watch is in effect for the entire metro for monday at midnight through 6:00 p.m. >> want to keep it right here. we will see you back here at 11:00. bye. >> tonight, combat alert, ukraine pushes back after russia send troops into the country, while the u.n. and u.s. work the diplomatic channels. elizabeth palmer in ukraine, and margaret brennan in washington have the latest. they wanted rain in california, but how much is too much? john blackstone on the continuing threat of mid-slides. big changes for frequent flyers as delta decideses to reward passengers for dollars spen
, to prove that oscar pistorius fired his gun with the intent to kill reeva. oscar's defense says it was a tragic mistake driven by his fear of crime and vulnerability. at a bail hearing last year, oscar gave his most detailed account of what happened. it filled me with horror and fear of intruder or intruders of being inside the toilet. i fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to reeva to phone the police. outside the courthouse, media has been preparing for days. more than 2,000 journalists have applied for accreditation to cover this trial to give you a sense of how intense it will be followed. inside the courthouse here behind me, officials say they'll limit the access into the courtroom. about 100 or so passes have been given, including representatives from both families. in south african law, it will come down to one judge, not a jury, who in the end will decide whether oscar pistorius, once a hero to millions around the world, is, in fact, a criminal. ayman mohyeldin, nbc news, pretoria, south africa. >>> up next here, we go live to the red carpet to check in with al ro
. the latest ultimatum coming to according to ukraine's defense ministry from russia's black sea fleet, saying if ukrainian bases don't evacuate by 5:00 p.m. local time, they will storm them, russian troops will storm them. given that most people acree at this point, russia has complete operational control over crimea, it is not clear what this latest escalation will accomplish. but it is also not clear from what we've been seeing what the endgame here is for russia. it is bizarre that it is almost old news that russian troops fanned out across crimea and surrounding ukrainian military bases. we're hearing disturbingly about other bases in eastern ukraine where russian flags are hosted in eastern ukraine. pro-russians took over a floor of a main administrative building. >> those who are in crimea and if they present any legal and i would raise it again, any legal power in crimea, they try to squeeze ukrainian efforts, come to seize ukrainian property, tried to disarm the ukrainian army. >> reporter: there has been tough talk from western leaders like brit intaken's foreign -- britain's foreign
. u.s. nato allies told defense secretary, chuck hagel today, their 5,000 troops wouldn't stay either. all u.s. forces pulling out is what most americans want according to recent polls. now, all the troops might be home by christmas. it's karzai's call. karzai's hinting he wants to make the call until after his re-election run in april. but there could be runoff election, could be delays, president obama's message tonight, his demand of karzai is to decide now. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> a senate panel is exploring the relationship between sexual assaults in the military, post traumatic stress disorder and suicide. the latest statistics from the pentagon show there is an epidemic of sexual assaults in the military. but victims are often too afraid to tell their supervisors. at a hearing today, service members testified about personal experiences after their own sexual assaults. >> my world as i knew it was falling apart. i feared being blamed and retaliated against. i was embarrassed. >> it was instance after instance of a failed system when i i became ostracized, singled out, p
-russian mob protested the. ukraine is dangerously divided and in financial crisis. defense secretary hagel warned moscow. >> i urged them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted. >> reporter: putin's shove force by his navy, his air force and his ground forces despite putin's promise not interfere in ukraine is the biggest russian military move since the cold war. kerry resurrected a cold war quote from ronald reagan saying the u.s. government now will trust but verify putin's promises. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> a plan to expand benefits for military veterans and their families died in the u.s. senate today when it failed a procedural vote. republicans say the $21 billion price tag is too high. they also wanted to attach an amendment imposing new sanctions on iran over its nuclear program. democrats blocked the amendment. they want more time for negotiations with iran. each spaert accusing the other of playing politics. >>> attorney general eric holder is doing well tonight after a brief stay at med star washington hospital center. news4 chris gordon was one of the first
in baltimore, eddie? >> yes. yes, the defense captain named -- he worked for the national security agency. he said at the black panther party. i was instrumental in exposing him after a lengthy investigation and he fled the country. he went to canada. he infiltrated carmichael's organization, the african revolutionary party. he was exposed of their after engaging -- up there after engaging in something with the fbi. caribbean, ie believe the bahamas, and undermined some of the political movements down there and actually cost a death or two. i'm not really sure he did not cause a couple of deaths in maryland in the black panther party. which is what is part of what caused me to start investigating him. one of our members was killed as a result of something that he encouraged him to do. , and as bob said, they're political prisoners all across the country from the black panther party that have been victims of the cointelpro operation. people.mined a lot of it painted the picture that caused people not to get fair trials. respondingeople into to the violence that it was encouraging. it caused a
launched the virginia self-defense law firm, focused on defending self to map -- defending self-defense rights. randy is: from tennessee. go ahead. i am calling from kentucky, sir. host: ok. where are you? caller: eastern kentucky. host: go ahead. what do you think about the let's move campaign? caller: ok. i think a lot of the obesity comes from what is put in our food. processed to grow, the meets, the steroids, what people put in their gardening stuff to get it to grow has to affect human body, as well as the defects the animals. -- affects the animals. host: do you avoid processed foods? caller: there is nothing out there to avoid. host: thank you sir. start them young with a healthy diet. today is friday. every week and beginning at 8:00 a.m. on c-span two, book tv and american history tv, respectively. 48 hours of books and 40th hours of history on 2 and 3. this week, we are featuring a visit to salem, oregon. you can watch that this weekend on book tv and on american history tv. next up is sharon in illinois. caller: hello. i am all for the program. let's move. i have something t
the cold war. we do not need the star wars defense shield. isolateto economically russia and show them that the $60 billion that he spent for the olympics is almost equal to for the 36pense olympics. this off of twitter -- deeply concerned that russia will expand its military intervention in ukraine. sts"a needs to impose "co now. here's bethany, columbia, maryland. independent line. that the media is and they vilify the russian president and there is still those cold war mentality that the russians are always wrong and they are always bad and they are some sort of monsters. go towesterners the rescue. that is not always true. host: what you think the proper response should be? they should let the russians and ukrainians figure out what is best for them. there is truth about the outer-nationalists. they are not good for the ukraine. -- majority of ukrainians they voted for the president. the president was elected. he won the majority. from the very beginning they hated him and they wanted to depose him. westhey think of the automatically takes up their side. conflictsilitary happen, do
gun indictments from previous incidents. pistorius' defense team said that last year's shooting was an accident. >> the fatal gunshot wounds to reeva, this occurrence was indeed an accident and i mistakenly believed that an intrude are or intruders had entered my home and posed an imminent threat to reeva and me. >> nick, what's the latest? >> reporter: kyra, if you wanted to get a sense of how this is all going to play out over the next few weeks, this afternoon would have told you everything. pistorius' defense lawyer, barry rue ripping into the witness there, michelle burger, questioning her time and again, how many shots, how did you hear them? what did you hear the screaming? what did your husband hear? your husband heard something different? he accused her of, you are adapting, you are speculating, you are closing the gap, all but telling her she is getting wrong, trying to inject an element of doubt in her testimony. she started off as a nervous witness. she started off speaking her native african. she finished the afternoon speaking in english standing up to that severe
behavior while the defense attorneys suggest this was corporal punishment and appropriate discipline. in the end the judge found probable cause to move the case to circuit court. the attorney james mccord who is representing more than a dozen parents offers this statement. "the wheels of justice are firmly in motion." in manassas surae chinn, wusa9. >> those caretakers could face additional charges involving more children. that grand jury meets april 7th. >>> nasa is revealing details about a dangerous spacesuit leak that nearly drowned an astronaut. luca farmatana was on a spacewalk when water began to leak into his helmet. the italian astronaut said he couldn't see, hear or speak and it was like wearing a fish bowl on his head. an american astronaut finally guided him back into the international space station. >> you could see some of the water floating away that had built up inside luca's helmet, helmet off and luca safely back inside. >> nasa investigators released a report today citing another leaking issue with the same spacesuit a week earlier. they say the details rrounding t
the case against 21 year old joshua tate based on lack of evidence. the defense has argued prosecutors did not have the evidence to prove the theory of their case. that the woman was too drunk to consent to sexual activity. tate's trial begins next month. >>> the montgomery county school system is apologizing and investigating after a bus driver left a seven-year-old boy to wander around in the cold by himself for three hours. the substitute driver dropped him off at the wrong place yesterday. it was a busy intersection along route 197 and conty road more than a mile away from the kids home. of course his family launched a frantic search and he was found after dark walking alone near james harrison elementary. >> he was screaming, he was crying, he was cold. we tried to touch his fingers, he couldn't even move his fingers they were red down to his knuckles were red. >> an urgent care center treated him for mild exposure and he was back in school today, but his family told us they do not plan to let him ride that bus for at least the rest of this week. the folks in montgomery county schools
. he was cleared of assault and battery charges, which means the jury believed he was acting in self-defense. cena punched the victim, 63-year-old william o'brien after he was honking at him. o'brien died ten days later of a head injury. cena is facing up to a year in jail. >>> tonight a new nbc4 poll shows d.c. mayor vincent gray leading in the april 1 democratic primary. the results show he is benefitting from a crowded field of candidates. but he remains vulnerable because of if lingering 2010 campaign scandal. tom sherwood breaks down the findings. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >>> first elected in 2010, mayor gray decided only in december to seek reelection. the new maris poll for nbc4 and media partners, wmau radio and the washington informer shows the head to head race this way now. gray has 28% followed by ward 4 councilmember muriel bowser in striking distance at 20%. 13% forward 2 councilmember jack evans. 12% forward 6 councilmember tommy wells, and 12% undecided. all of the other candidates trail in single digits, far behind the leaders. for mayor gray, however, his ap
for starting the game with an offensive burst and finishing it off with a strong defensive ending. tonight hosting university of miami the same formula paid off. london francis having a career night nails the three near the end of the 1st half, cavs leading by 7 at the break. 2nd half the show continues, another three, four for four from beyond the arc scoring 15 points and the cavs continue to full away. joe harris with three of his 11. cavaliers 65-40, their 12th straight win. virginia clinches a top two seed in the acc tournament. >>> george mason looking to snap a two-game skid hosting richmond tonight. patriots led by 21 points at the break. wright keeps it going in the 2nd with a layup. he had 19, but mason had problems holding the lead and the spiders cook advantage coming within 5, but patriots -- took advantage coming within 5, but the patriots hang on for the win. >>> after urfo ties and eight lead changes the gleaes pull away in the 2nd half, au winning 64-55 to remain within a gameful first -- game first in the conference. >>> during monday's game against syracuse along the go
gun rights cases. they launched virginia self-defense law, according to the "washington post." the group will focus on defending second amendment rights. a legal retainer with the firm is less than $10 a month. cuccinelli has another practice that will focus on constitutional law, complex civil litigation, and health care fraud. >>> it is now 4:51. final for weather & traffic on the 1s. i hope you have all your layers back out. aaron had on his big furry coat this morning. that's how cold it is. >> and you're even wearing a blazer. i can't believe it. >> i had to wear a coat, boots, long pants, everything. >> that's just being inside. >> that's right. >> it is our coldest day under way for the entire month. it's the last day of the month, but it's probably going to be the coldest day of february. look at the windchills. just absurdly cold. down to near zero. the wind only blowing at 10 to 15 miles per hour, but if t feels like zero. layer up. temperatures in the teens around washington, fairfax, prince george's county, prince william county in the low teens. much of montgomer
, northern neck, eastern shore, too, just in the low 20s. now beginning to hit the mid defense in culpepper, fredericksburg, shenandoah valley. hagerstown only at 15. hour by hour today, it will stay below freezing. should make it in the upper 20s by around 3:00, 4:00. lots of sun. the temperature will drop back tonight, but not terribly cold like this morning. it will be down in to the low 20s by midnight. and this morning, we had many locations down to single digits out at western maryland, it was below zero. the final day of february. hello march. saturday comes in with some milder temperatures, great weather for outdoor activities. highs reaching the mid-40s o this first day of march. and some of the daf dill sprouts are beginning to show up. first day of meteorological spring is tomorrow and it will feel a little like spring on sunday. afternoon highs should make it into the upper 40s. and morning temperatures should be in the low 30s. we'll have a little sun in the morning on sunday. by midafternoon, going cloudy when we'll have the mild air in. then as we see a low pressure system ap
will hear about the remarkable strategy that the defense is going to use to fight back. the truth as we have discovered is more complicated than you may have been led to believe. >>> she wanted to become a noun but then she killed her baby. now she ♪ what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together the fastest internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. >>> a california appeals court says it is okay for drivers to use their cell phones and look at a map while driving. the case stems from a fresno man convicted of looking at his iphone map while at a stop sign in 2012. california's attorney general argued that current law bans the use of all handheld cell phones while driving, but the court ruled that the law does not cover looking at a cell phone map, and only talking
's finger. defense attorneys for them character rides soized some of s as disciplining bad behavior. many came out in court today. i will writibring it to you liv 5:00 tonight. i'm david culver, news4. >>> three months in jail. that's the sentence a jury in fairfax is recommeing today in a deadly case of road raid. convicted of assault after a parking lot fight last april. a former church worker, he punched o'brien after o'brien honked at him. o'brien walked off from the scuffle but later collapsed and diedhemorrhage. >>> the person hit by a train this morning was a teenager, we just learned. the 15-year-old died at the scene and it happened on vre's manassas line near clara barton road. passengers were stuck on the train for three hours because the investigation was ongoing and they're on a rush schedule for the evening rush. >>> we now know the name of a woman hit by a bus outside the metro station. she was killed last night. castillo was in her 60s and lived in falls church. police tell us the bus driver is cooperating with the investigation and we're trying to finds out exactly what h
and of the country has always had its own defense called divisions, its own division, tribal, regional and so forth so yes there is going to be trouble ahead of course and no doubt about it, the conventional wisdom seems to hold that afghanistan is safe now to revert to the battle. so i think it's incumbent upon people in the room here and those of us that have spoken at the panel and everyone else that is listening to try to prove the conventional wisdom wrong. personally, i believe in the younger generation of afghans, the young afghans that inet in kabul, kandahar, many of them highly motivated and very impressive. of course, they are going to need to be. in any case, we americans may be weary of our policymakers do know that afghanistan will continue to matter for geostrategic reasons both in the united states and to the west and there is no getting around that. it is just a fact. speaking for the voice of america, i can tell you that we plan to keep a robust presence on the air in pasco and on radio and television with our fine partner in rta and perhaps others. while the shape of the efforts
clinton wanted and went on to win, mandy grun wauld wrote, don't be defensive. the press is watching to see if they can make your uncomfortable or testy. look for opportunities of humor. it's important that people see more sides of you and they often see you in only stern situations. lastly, be careful to be real. >> would be surprised the number of people in public life who privately get reminded to be real. >> clinton allies were quick to note that nothing earth shattering contained in the documents, but that raised the question why the clintons pressed for so long to chemothem away. >> there's a desire to avoid document release that would be awkward and perhaps a bit unpleasant, but nothing more. >> the national archives told me about 4,000 to 5,000 pages would have been released in the first installment and it was a rolling affair with additions as the day went on. the remaining 25,000 pages or so will take about two weeks to go online. >> and there's 78 million. >> at the clinton presidential library. >> a central player in the benghazi talking points scandal said he's ready and
cuccinelli will come to your defense. we'll have that story and a lot more at 6:00. i all eyes now are sort of -- >>> all eyes now are sort of zooming past the weekend to monday morning. >> you should enjoy saturday and sunday, 40s on saturday, 50 on sunday, not bad, take a bide ride or a little jog. we've been talking about going through this evolution of the forecast now it's been trending colder and cold are and it continues. it's possible -- colder and it continues. it's possible by monday evening temperatures could be in the teens in the metro area. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, looks harmless enough now, just cold, only 29, high 30, advertised 50. winds are light. at least we don't have wind chill, but if you're going out tonight, treat it like a january night, hat, gloves, scarf, the whole bit. there's the radar for california. again their rain will be our ice and snow. they're getting hammered. it's just feast or famine. at least it will fill up the water table and a lot of snow for the mountains. it's going to race to the east. the good
investigation. >>> new overnight this according to the south korea defense ministry. the short range missiles are believed to be scud missiles. the missiles flew about 300 miles which means they are capable of hitting south korea or japan. this is the second launch in more than a week. >> learner testified this week. chairman ice saw says yes. >> her attorney indicates she will testify. it has been a back and fourth they go ya negotiation. the evident gath -- >> not so fast after her appearance on sunday the former irs official has not waived her right to testify. the house committee spokesperson responded with this ", bill taylor ms. learner's attorney says she is willing to testify and is requesting a one-week delay for the public hearing. we have informed ms. learner she may make the request for a delay when she comes to the hearing. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> looking to sell off as this crisis in ukraine is escalating. loren simonetti joins us with more. >> the olympics are over but the russian war games are still on. the president declaring a right. the dow off nearly 100
with controversy coming just after michael sam, star defensive lineman from the university of missouri came out putting him in line to come the first openly gay player the league has ever had. they're still dealing with the ordeal of the dolphins. the allegations that jonathan martin and other ares were were bullied. the nfl was planning to hold next year's super bowl in arizona but will the league pull outside if brewer actually signed the bill. facing that kind of advice and that kind of scrutiny and many of national prominent republicans weighing in against the bill, the governor decided that the cost to her state would be too high. >> senate bill 1062 does not address a specific or present concern related to religious liberty in arizona. i'm not heard of one exam million in arizona with a business owner's religious liberty has been violated. it could result in unintended and negative consequences. after weighing all of the arguments i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> nationally the response to the veto has been huge but where exactly does that leave the state of arizona when it
to be active participation on both sides of an issue, of a person charged with a crime. on defense or litigation over a law itself. so chairman goodlatte from here in virginia had -- just across the river in virginia had called a hearing in judiciary this week. we had another about the constitutionality or lack thereof of actions by this administration, and it's very alarming, professor johnson totally with whom i disagreed on any policy issues, has a wonderful grasp of the constitution, and he recognizes the dangers when administration decides to pick and choose which laws will be enforced and goes further and issues executive orders not like prior administrations that simply explain on most occasions or illuminate some law as to how they think it's to be interpreted, but to actually make law in executive orders. that's just unconscionable for somebody that took an oath to defend the constitution. . so i can't recall times aye agreed with the "l.a. times" before, but they had an editorial that indicates even the "l.a. times" understands the danger of what's going on right now in t
in support of the alert act and in defense of working middle-class families who face the danger that overzealous washington regulators will destroy their jobs and impose new red tape that cuts their wages. an america that works allows small businesses to flourish. jobs can be created. and for folks to have more take-home pay in their pockets. but america doesn't work when washington regulators impose more red tape on businesses, large and small, regardless of the costs. this bill fixes that. i hear a lot on this floor about the warnings of days gone by and the fear mongering attached to trying to instill accountability on this bureaucracy in washington. i don't think any of us on either side of the aisle wants to defend overzealous democrats and imposing unnecessary burdens that have clogged this economy. now, america doesn't work when special interest groups use the courts to impose backroom regulations that destroy jobs and reduce take-home pay. this bill before us fixes that. make no mistake, excessive red tape hurts working middle-class families. for example, it was reported
,easealso send us a picture. >>> a warning tonight from defense secretary chuck hagel to russia. don't do anything to escalate tensions in ukraine. the country's ousted president is believed to be under russian protection in moscow. meanwhile pro russian protesters took over government buildings in ukraine's coastal region. meeting with nato allies in belgium, hagel says the u.s. is watching the russian military exercise at the ukraine border very closely. >>> so far north korea is refusing to explain why it fired four short range missiles today. those missiles were fired from a mountain site just north of the border with south korea. the launches come days after the beginning of the annual joint u.s./south korea military exercises. in the past north korea blasted those exercises as preparation for war. >>> you may precede the nutrition label when you slop for food -- read the nutrition label when you shop for food in the store, but now for the first time in 20 years the food and drug administration wants to give them a makeover, but the proposal to change nutrition labels could prompt a
to market the phone to government agencies and defense contractors. >> pam: ordinary consumers. >> pam: >> pam: small changes equal big results creative thinking is helping awater. and caught on camera. >> pam: heroic actions in the face >> pam: heroic actions in the face we love this kitchen! >> pam: heroic actions in the face what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. og] rry?arry [annncera hethy g is ayfudog. 's coriemartnd ttes veggs. mulealickod.y, beful rina woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> reporter:a richmond man is being hailed as a hero after tackling a gunman during an attempted robbery. >> reporter:take a look. >> reporter:police have released this surveillance video of yesterday's r
at this point in your own defense? landau may have been the maestro of his craft, but there have been others thieves. two summers ago, prosecutors put leslie waffen behind bars. he was in charge of the archives' audio and film records department. he stole thousands of original recordings and sold them on ebay, gems like this eyewitness account of the hindenburg disaster. >> it's a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. the smoke and the flames. oh, the humanity! >> simon: another employee stole most of the presidential pardons from the philadelphia archives, as well as hundreds of photos taken by astronauts in space and on the moon. do you look on ebay for suspicious documents? >> brachfeld: that would be one of the sites we would look at. many times, when a thief is trying to move a document on the internet, the buyer may be a federal agent. and that's real sweet. >> simon: you're talking sting operations? >> brachfeld: yes. >> simon: have you been successful with sting operations? >> brachfeld: yes. we ask our sentinels, historians and collectors and dealers, to help us. we go where a lot o
's the right thing to do. >> i think we should revisit the missile defense shield that we talk about so often. >> i would just cancel in sochi. i wouldn't talk about the planning session. i would cancel it. >> i would like to create a democratic news around putin's russia. >> we start north of crimea with nbc's ian williams. ian, there's been a lot of claims and counter claims today. what's the latest there on the ground? >> reporter: it's a confusing picture, toure. we've seen a lot of so-called deadlines come and go, which we've heard from russian news agencies, from the ukrainian government. but it does seem that russia is pretty well in control of crimea. and the question now, and it's something which john kerry is going to be looking at closely tomorrow, on how he can under it, is what russia does next. and the focus will be on this region here, where i am today, in east ukraine. this is the second biggest city in the country, the industrial heartland, kharkov. many people here have been encouraged with what's happening in ukraine and would ideally like the russians to come in here, too.
but not scout leaders and officers are first defense dealing with mentally ill but people who need help are arrested and created like criminals and shows how one texas department is looking to break the cycle. >> as a father of seven mike is stretched thin. >> it's like a referee sometimes. >> reporter: his 15-year-old has aspergers, a form of autism and needs extra attention. >> lack of understanding of other people. >> reporter: with the exception of a texas police officer, monique hall who met his son a year ago after he ran away from home. hall is part of the bedford police department unit, with breaking a pattern of responding to or arresting the same people for the same crimes. hall makes frequent visits to mike's home becoming a familiar face to the troubled teen. >> he will talk to her and excited at times to see her. >> reporter: after reviewing data police chief roger gibson noticed a trend, most repeat activity came from two groups, victims and offenders who suffer from mental illness or domestic violence. gibson's unit targets two groups, attempting to build relationships
defense against fraud that will beneficiary can do. in new york there was a case where a beneficiary saw they noted that the services that were being built they did not receive them. they started the case. the case was a $10 million case. so when you look at the ms in their critical pieces of affirmation that i personally got an msn, not from medicare. but there was some indication that i was having a procedure that was only give for woman. i looked at that and was able to call that in and then resolve that. so that is one of the best tools just one beneficiary looks at that. result in $10 million. >> about the not being held out. >> i can. they had no totals. we actually went to each back and asked each one to tell us how many they had that or not getting to where they needed to be. this is important because without knowing that this had already been pointed out to cms two times previously. >> the chair thanks the gentleman. >> the first question is for the panel. the irs does an estimate of how much money they should be collecting compares this gives them a sense of how many people and
by congress. you have seen an increase in spending and asking for fresh spending on defense issues in spending.n of fresh if you look at our stores on nutrition, health for low income families, housing -- those types of things. the budget is a way to reach forward with continued funding. the new stories, the earned credit, the child tax credit, that is news coming out of the budget. host: any thoughts on the differences between cuts and reforms, what she brought up earlier? guest: that is a great point because cuts, are, of course, cuts. what republicans are trying to is not the cast as the party of coldhearted budget-cutting. ryan struggled with this is a issueskesman on poverty for the last several years. republicans are trying to talk about poverty reform. and ryan talks about the importance of job training and work for these programs. reform case for broader -- is that breaking through for republicans? it is difficult to say. i do not think so, yeah a lot of ways. there,hen you are out you hear questions like hers, is this just budget cuts. parties are both trying for reform. is purelyent'
to be able to be the first line of defense, and i would argue that it is important that we exempt the secretary, the department from that because of their number one responsibility is securing the homeland. and we live in a different climate. i think the gentleman accepts the fact that terrorism has become franchised at this moment. i thank the gentleman for yielding. i ask individuals to again support the jackson lee amendment. i yield back. mr. goodlatte: i thank the gentlewoman. i'm not persuaded that the department of homeland security, especially with the provision that provides for emergency relief from many of the provisions of the bill, can't be greatly benefited in all those who have to deal with the department of homeland security will not be greatly benefited if the department is operating more effectively and if the regulation today promulgate our more efficient and more effective and more addressed toward what really needs to be done to address problems and not simply adding to the regulatory burden that businesses and american citizens face. so i continue my oppositi
on valentine's day, 2013. he says he acted in self-defense after mistaking her for an intruder. a neighbor testified she heard screams coming from the couple's home, followed by gunshots. >> they say honesty is the best policy. why you are more likely to tell the truth during the morning. >> a warning for anyone who uses netflix or gmail. >> we will take you back outside. it is bitterly cold.
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